Matt and Mitchell pack a punch

September 28, 2016

Mitchell Wickham wins the 15YO , 54 to 56Kg All Belt division at the ACT AFBJJ competition

Mitchell topped the podium in the 15-year-old, 54kg to 56kg all-belt division and Matt won second in the adults purple 94kg belt division.

‘‘Mitchell dominated his two opponents winning the first 7 to 2 points and his second 20-0,’’ Matt said.

A fight in the junior divisions lasts for four minutes during which competitors are given points for establishing various positions and deploying certain moves and techniques.

If you submit an opponent you win immediately.

‘‘Mitchell didn’t submit either of his opponents but he is now the ACT 15-year-old 54kg state champion which, considering he is only 42kg, is a pretty good result,’’ Matt said.

Matt was also fighting out of his weight range but was happy with his effort.

‘‘I thought I had him about half way through but then he got me with a choke,’’ he said.

Fights in the adult divisions last seven minutes.

Mitchell plans to compete in as many events as possible this year to qualify for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships in the United States next year.

Wickham’s Martial Arts Centre will take four competitors to events in Melbourne this weekend and next weekend before travelling to Sydney for the NSW state championships the weekend after that.

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